Alex writes about productivity and web dev.

Leading DevX at Prismic . Creator of Frontend Horse .

  • Writing Advice for Developers

    Sat Apr 01 2023


    There are many resources to teach you how to write better, but barely any apply to developers. I've consumed dozens of books, guides, courses, and podcasts on writing, but most advice is helpful only ...

  • Starting Strong in Developer Relations

    Thu Aug 25 2022

    developer relations

    Good DevRel starts with understanding your company, your product, and your community. All of your initiatives are built upon this foundation of knowledge. Don't just generate ideas: make informed deci...

Blog Posts

  • Interviewing Svelte's Rich Harris

    Sun Feb 04 2024


    I interviewed Rich Harris in his Brooklyn apartment and we got into Svelte 5, signals, the evolution of Svelte, and a whole lot more. It was a really wonderful experience getting to spend the morning ...

  • I Want to Read Human Authors

    Sat Oct 28 2023


    It's been almost a year since ChatGPT changed everything. Since then, the web has been flooded with content written by large language models (LLMs). Social media is drowning in this boring and generic...

  • My Biggest Blocker

    Mon Jul 17 2023


    What's stopping me from doing all the things I want to? It's not other people, my ability, or even time. It's my ego, and it's the same for you.

  • Mental Stimulus Sweet Spot

    Fri Jul 14 2023


    We've all been in situations where our surroundings are too chaotic or noisy to get work done. It's why people go to libraries or coffee shops to work but not tennis matches or concerts. You already k...

  • Forgiveness for Ourselves and Others

    Wed Jul 05 2023

    mental health

    There's been an immense shift in awareness and understanding around mental health. We're teaching people to see that one action does not define them. If you screw up today, you're not a bad person; we...

  • Self Cannibalizing AI

    Mon Jul 03 2023


    The podcast Hard Fork had a great conversation about how AI will start to consume what it creates. This self-cannibalization will harm future models, and the actions of search engines will only worsen...