• Writing Advice for Developers

    Sat Apr 01 2023


    There are many resources to teach you how to write better, but barely any apply to developers. I've consumed dozens of books, guides, courses, and podcasts on writing, but most advice is helpful only for novels or memoirs. So to save you time, I've compiled what I've learned from those resources and...

  • Starting Strong in Developer Relations

    Thu Aug 25 2022

    developer relations

    Good DevRel starts with understanding your **company**, your **product**, and your **community**. All of your initiatives are built upon this foundation of knowledge. Don't just generate ideas: make informed decisions for what will make the most impact. First you must **ask questions, listen, and un...

Blog Posts

  • Comparing Yourself to Specialists

    Thu Jun 08 2023


    I was catching up with my pal Cassie Evans when we both touched on something we had discovered independently about ourselves. We tend to compare ourselves to others in a particular way. We compare ourselves to the best person in a certain field, across all fields. I'll compare the writing of a world...

  • The Three Types of Fun

    Wed Jun 07 2023


    In The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, she talks about the three types of fun: 1. Challenging fun 1. Accommodating fun 2. Relaxing fun Challenging fun Challenging fun requires a good amount of effort and some planning. You feel this when learning a new skill or trying a competitive sport. It pu...

  • My Productivity System

    Tue Jun 06 2023


    Over the last few months, I've slowly refined my productivity system to something I'm thrilled with. I've tailored it to me and my needs, but one or two things I'm doing can be helpful to you, too. The Tools: Task capture: Todoist Scheduling and Planning: Sunsama Virtual Coworking: Focusmate Note-ta...

  • Get Work Done Together with Body Doubling

    Mon Jun 05 2023


    Body doubling is the best technique I've found to help me get work done. For me, working alone is challenging and requires a ton of willpower. When body doubling, you work alongside someone else, either in person or through a video call. It's essentially an accountability partner. We don't chat, col...

  • Accessible Awwwards

    Sun Jun 04 2023


    Affecting change across the web is about as easy as making change anywhere else in the world. It takes work for a single person or even a company or country, especially if it doesn't play into people's motivations. I'm a big fan of the flashy, interactive websites featured in contests like Awwwards ...