Interviewing Svelte's Rich Harris

I interviewed Rich Harris in his Brooklyn apartment and we got into Svelte 5, signals, the evolution of Svelte, and a whole lot more.

It was a really wonderful experience getting to spend the morning with Rich. He’s a kind and brilliant guy, and it was great talking to him on and off camera.

A ton of research and preparation went into the questions, and I’m thrilled that after three days, it’s one of the most successful videos on the Prismic channel. People are really connecting with what Rich is talking about, and I think we did a good job asking interesting questions and editing in a way that hooks people.


I came up with the questions with a lot of feedback and support from Sam Littlefair, Angelo Ashmore, Nouha Chhih, and Pierre-Yves Rousseau. They also gave feedback on the final transcript, pulling out the more interesting parts. Pierre-Yves and I worked on the video editing and thumbnail.