I Want to Read Human Authors

It’s been almost a year since ChatGPT changed everything. Since then, the web has been flooded with content written by large language models (LLMs). Social media is drowning in this boring and generic LLM content.

I miss human voices.

Publishing what you prompted is as interesting as a screenshot of your Google search. Sure, you typed the words in the search bar, but anyone can get the same result. Where are you in all of this? You’ve removed yourself, the unique and interesting thing you had to offer.

I love watching Hank Green videos because of Hank Green. His content exists in science textbooks and research papers, but it’s his unique voice that draws me in.

I’m not trying to gatekeep nor arbitrate what should be considered “real writing.” Use it for brainstorming. Use it to check your assumptions and biases. But don’t replace yourself with an LLM.

We want to hear from you. When you publish LLM generated content, we lose your unique perspective and voice for the sake of efficiency. Also, AI writing just kinda sucks.